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All About BAMS Course: Admission, Duration, Job & Salary

BAMS Course

What is BAMS Course?

Friends, do you know what is the full form of the BAMS course, and what is BAMS, if you do not have an answer, then you do not need to be depressed because today we will know what BAMS is through this article and it’s full What is a form? Let’s get all kinds of general information about BAMS in easy language with the help of this article.

BAMS Course Full Form?

BAMS has a full form Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. BAMS is the modern structure of Ayurvedic medicine of ancient times. BAMS is also one of the degrees found in our country. BAMS is a medical degree, and after getting this degree you can become a good doctor. Friends, BAMS is a bachelor’s degree, and it will take you 5 years to do this course, which includes a one-year internship. This course is for 4 years, friends, in today’s time, people’s faith in Ayurveda medicine is increasing, due to this, you will see that Ayurveda is going to be very popular in the coming time.

BAMS is a bachelor’s degree awarded in the field of Ayurvedic medicine. The duration of this course is approximately five and a half years, including a four and a half year medicine course and a one-year internship. Basically, the BAMS course is an integrated curriculum with both modern and Ayurveda. But most of its applications focus on traditional methods of treatment.

The minimum educational qualification for taking admission in this course is 12th standard education with science. After passing the 12th standard, a student is required to pass a state or national level BAMS entrance examination to get admission to the concerned medical college.


It is a matter of pride to become a doctor, a doctor is also called another form of God. At present, some students want to become homeopathic doctors, some students Ayurvedic doctors but it is not so easy. To become a doctor you have to work very hard and apart from hard work, you also need to have the right information about it.

You can achieve success by getting the right information and proper guidance, so let’s know what BAMS is. BAMS is for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. It’s also known as the modern structure of Ancient Ayurvedic Medicine. BAMS is a study of Ayurveda. This is an undergraduate course, you can do it after passing your 12th standard.

BAMS is a graduate degree program that teaches students about Ayurvedic principles and how to apply them to patient care. The BAMS course blends Ayurveda and western medicine principles, and students are taught a mixture of both as part of the curriculum. Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems, with origins dating back to the Vedic period. Its medicines are known for the natural ingredients they contain and are based on the curative properties of herbs.

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian healing system that not only heals but also prevents disease. It also decreases the number of diseases that invade the human body. It makes use of the body’s self-healing system. People all over the world are now adopting this alternative form of treatment. The World Health Organization has also developed a global forum to promote alternative medicine systems such as Ayurveda. As a result, the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) program has provided students with many promising opportunities.

The BAMS course syllabus includes an in-depth study of Ayurveda subjects along with the study of modern anatomy, the theory of surgery, the theory of modern medicine, ENT, pharmacology, and many more. Ayurveda not only talks about the treatment of diseases. It also provides solutions to prevent the recurrence of diseases. According to Ayurveda, diseases or diseases arise due to three types of diseases in the human body; Kapa, ​​Pitta, and Vata. A student who has completed a BAMS degree is designated as an Ayurvedacharya. He can use the etiquette title “Doctor” upon registration as a physician.

Eligibility for BAMS Course

Friends, you should know what qualifications are required to be in your BAMS. First and all, the candidate must be 17 years old or older, and passing the Intermediate (12th) Examination is important. Also, bear in mind that the applicant must pass Intermediate (12th) with Physics Chemistry Maths.

  • To do this course, it is necessary to pass the 12th class with medical science.
  • To do this course in 12th your subjects should be Chemistry, Biology, Physics.
  • To do this course, it is necessary to pass in the 12th class with 50% or more marks.
  • Admission to BAMS requires a minimum age of 17 years.

Included in BAMS Course

  • Physical Anatomy
  • Principal of Surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Disease prevention and social medicine
  • Physiology
  • Principal of Therapy
  • Pharmacology
  • Forensic Medical
  • Toxicology
  • Ear Nose Throat Medicine

BAMS Course Details

For the undergraduate education level, the BAMS syllabus is for a period of five and a half years. After completion of the BAMS degree, the student will be awarded the title of ‘Ayurvedavacharya’. The Siddhant BAMS course is conducted in four and a half years, while candidates are required to complete a one-year rotary internship for practical training.

BAMS Admission Process?

Admission to BAMS courses will be taken on the basis of NEET UG score and related rank. Therefore, the candidates are required to pass the NEET conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). To take admission in the BAMS course, candidates need to secure the NEET cutoff 2020 percentile. Candidates can see the category-wise minimum required percentage in the table given below.

However, the NTA is only responsible for conducting the NEET and preparing the merit list for the same. The state-wise counseling process will be taken for admission to BAMS. For the BAMS admission process, each state will issue its state merit rank based on the NEET merit list, for which the candidates have to fill the application form.

Career & Jobs Scope after taking BAMS Course

Day by day, the scope of Ayurvedic is overlapping not only in India but also in other medical systems in the world. In many cases, people have gained reliable experience in the treatment of the Ayurvedic system and medicines for chronic and non-curable diseases. In many cases, when the allopathic system fails and surrenders with a particular disease, Ayurvedic medicine exerts a magical effect to rejuvenate the disease or the patient. After the completion of the BAMS course, the career opportunity is not only in India but also abroad. Many organizations are working abroad in manufacturing and research and there is a need for professionals in this field.

Candidates holding a BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) degree must be called doctors and be eligible to pursue private practice, job opportunities in the government sector also exist. One can get a job in Government Ayurveda Hospital as an Ayurvedic Pharmacist. Candidates who successfully complete this course will be able to open their own Ayurvedic medicine retail store. The teaching area is also open to BAMS graduates. They can get employment in private and government Ayurveda institutes.

BAMS Course Full Form

As a medical course, BAMS is gaining popularity not only in India but around the world. People all over the world are turning to Ayurveda because it has almost no side effects. People suffering from lifestyle diseases turn to conventional medicine for assistance, indicating an increase in demand for BAMS physicians. Candidates may either practice or continue their education and specialize in a specific branch of Ayurveda after completing the BAMS course.

A BAMS graduate requires up to one year of internship to gain practical experience which is equally necessary to become a successful practitioner. Along with regular practice, BAMS can also undertake higher education in the undergraduate discipline, for example, treatment of skin diseases, spinal disorders, ophthalmic conditions, anorectal diseases, etc.

Salary after BAMS Course

Salary in the medical field is the benchmark for other job profiles in various fields. Some universities provide salaries ranging from 40 thousand to 50 thousand per month to post-graduate doctors in the Ayurvedic field. An Ayurvedic professional in the job can get a salary of Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50000 as per the role and nature of his / her job profile.

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